Monday, 10 August 2015

The Internet Has Changed Have You?

Yeah! There was a time selling seemed simpler. Your business cards, a brochure, a sales team, some adverts do all the marketing. Now, people are able to research online, and ask the opinion of thousands in minutes. Your business being online will not only help you get found, but will also increase your profit. The internet increases everyday, people get online to find information, research, for fun, buy, get entertained etc.
Since the inception of social media, online marketing has taken a new turn. Thanks to the internet, marketing has evolved over the years. Consumers no longer rely on sales people, TV and newspaper adverts to learn about new products or services, because the web has empowered them. It is given them alternative methods for finding, buying and researching brands and products online.
 Anwser the following questions:

*) Is your business online?
*) How well do you know of social media?
*) Do you take advantage of social media for your online business growth?

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